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Life Update

Nov 4, 2023

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I was thinking about posting somewhat between at least once a month to once a week. Turns out, that was a lie. So I’ll correct that statement to posting once a year, that should be doable.

In my defense, I have some other ‘projects’ going on recently. I’d call it two new full time jobs. I’d say one of them will last for at least the next 18 years and cost me a lot of sleep and will cause some grey hair. The other one will also cause some grey hair for sure. But I’m looking forward to the things to come.

While not sleeping, I’ve started to do some Embedded Software development recently, trying to program an ESP8266 only using LUA and the NodeMCU firmware for that. I’ll write another blog post about that soon. Also, because of the lack of sleep, I’ve decided brewing filter coffee at home is not enough anymore and went on the hunt for the perfect cup of espresso and flat white. Things escalated quickly and puck prep is my new second name.