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Hello There

Nov 27, 2022
tl;dr: a little trip down memory lane

This is my new weblog. After Twitter and everything else are evil nowadays, I’m now just back to the roots. My first intention to build this blog was, because I wanted to try out the flat file framework hugo.

Hello There

I blogged my first time in 2010 or so. At that time it was about music, I had the blues, so to say.
My great role model at that time was the Boschblog. Funny enough @bosch is still blogging.

At some point I have then lost my interest in blogging. Unfortunately, I’ve also lost my wordpress installation somewhen after a failed backup. Maybe still knows some of my old contents. I should go and check it out.

Some time later, I started blogging on medium. I’ve had a solid audience over there, and got also listed at the medium auf deutsch publication from time to time. Topics there differed from my first blog. Now it was on politics and random thoughts on daily stuff. Like the relation of time and space. Or paper vs. plastic bags (I still hate paper bags).

But somewhen medium decided to become commercial and make money out of my content. So I started to move my content to a new blog, which I called wortkrieg (that’s still my handle on many social platforms). I’ve also added some content on my thirdwavecoffee-addiction and thought about making a hybrid blog-podcast-format. I was struggling on having enought time to blog besides my daily business. So I’ve put this blog offline, too and just focused on instagram, reddit, strava.. whatever.

I dropped most of my social media last year and removed instagram, twitter, facebook, reddit.. from my phone (I can just recommend this step to everyone).

Since ending my last blog and social media, I’ve started several projects to improve our home network, become a better rower (on the water, of course), started road cycling and more projects. Maybe I’ll blog about some of them, somewhen.

Ultimately, consider this Blog as a big brain dump, which I need from time to time.