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Jan 4, 2023
tl;dr: Follow this blog via RSS Reader

Happy new year! Until a few weeks ago, I had completely forgotten that RSS still exists or ever existed. It was simply wiped from my memory.

A few days ago, the verge posted an article pleading to bring back personal blogging. So, I’m more or less ahead of my time. Or maybe I did return to 2010 and before. But I like it here.

I know, my blog still has no comment function (I guess there wouldn’t be much need for it), but you may write me an email if you feel the need to talk. Until I finally found time to build it.

Long story short. By accident, I found out that Hugo already parses a RSS compliant XML file every time I publish a new post or make changes. So, feel free to follow this blog using a RSS reader and the RSS link alongside the other “social icons”.