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Artificial Intelligence

Dec 21, 2022
tl;dr: I've used AI to cheat contents for this Blog.

I’m currently thinking a lot about AI. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been watching AI tools and use cases progressing actively the last years. But within the last months, the first AI tools were released or at least partially released even for consumers and nerds like me, that could make a tremendous difference in how we work and live.

I asked Dall-E 2 to paint a Robot painting a robot

I asked Dall-E 2 to paint a Robot painting a robot. © - Who to credit? Dall-E..? Open AI? Myself?

AI has the potential to bring numerous benefits to society, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved healthcare and education, and enhanced safety and security. Some examples of AI in action include self-driving cars, virtual personal assistants, and intelligent tutoring systems.

In fact, I used this Blog as a little application playground for what I can do easily with AI. The Picture of myself in the top left corner in front of the planets? AI-Generated (Stable Diffusion). The Dark / Light color schemes? AI-Generated (Chat GPT). The paragraph of text above describing positive impacts of AI? AI-Generated (Chat GPT).

Of course, AI may also have negative impacts on society (better ask ChatgGPT to write an essay about that topic). But in the moment I just see how much easier an actually useful AI that doesn’t just pretend to be one for marketing purposes (no offense, Alexa & Siri) can make my life.

I’m also thinking about other forms of useful AI, especially in my homeland, the Audio industry. But as audio is much more data and training data is harder to access than ‘just’ images or text, that may be some topic for the future.

removed my face from the logo

I removed my face from the left picture and asked dall-e 2 to fill the empty space.