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April Fools and Lobster Liberation

Apr 1, 2023

First of april again. April fools day. It’s the day where everyone starts annoying other people with fools and it’s okay somehow.

I’ve also noticed in the days of fake news and alternative facts, that it becomes more and more difficult from year to year to distinguish truth from april fools. Especially in the internet. I mean - an open letter from PETA to british rowing pushing to replace the term “catch a crab” by “liberating lobsters”. That must be an april fool - turns out: nope.

Or king Charles travelling in a german ICE and being in time. That must be a joke! I could continue endlessly.

On the other hand, the real april fools get worse and worse from year to year. Especially on Reddit.

But back to the PETA letter, asking us rowers to not say that we’re catching a crab. Don’t get me wrong. I am one of those animal friendly vegetarians pelading to end cruelty to animals by every means, especially in mass farming. But everything in this lobster liberation idea is bad. It’s plain rubbish. First of all, if you have even the slightest idea about rowing, you should know that “catching a crab” is something every rower must avoid at any time. If he catches a crab this means damange to his boat, injuries or even taking a swim due to a capsized boat. So to take it back to the PETA terms: catching a crab is a bad thing for every rower. Would it now be bad to liberate lobsters? I don’t think so - I’d like to liberate lobsters without causing serious damage to my boat.

Dall-e 2 interpretation of a rower catching a crab

Here’s a very expressionist take of a rower catching a crab generated by DALL-E. Even the AI knows that catching a crab is no fun for rowers.

Maybe that whole letter is just made up knowing exactly what I described above and just meant to draw attention to PETA and liberated lobsters. Hopefully it is. If not, I plead for dropping the whole concept of these April Fools’ jokes. Reality is foolish enough.