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Hello there, I’m Marc, an audio, broadcast and dev guy based in Leipzig. During daytime, I use to design and develop audio mixing consoles and deal with various other issues.

Sometimes I need a little side-project to work on. It’s not that I’m bored, but I love to build and work on things. If I’m not busy spending time with my wife and son, working or blogging, I’m:

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If you feel the urge to tell me something, drop me a message at linkedin or just send me an old fashioned email.


Many of my projects are branded with the label ‘mgte’. I thought it’s time for a relaunch, so here we are. Byebye, mgte. (Not really, I still like to use this kindof brand name. It’s super short and I use the original wording “m-gate” of this abbreviation for more than a decade now.)